Artificial intelligence is wide branch of computer science demonstrated by machines. It can be defined as study of “intelligent agents”. The term AI usually use to describe machines that impersonate “cognitive” functions associated with mind. The ability of learning and problem solving.

AI fields are based on technical consideration with specific goals i.e.; machine learning and robotics. Specific tools are used as logic or artificial neural networks which makes the profound philosophical variances.

It is developing rapidly from self-driving cars and it is often represents as robots with human-like features. Today, AI is considered as narrow AI, which is actually designed to perform weak AI. Good examples can be only internet searching and facial recognition.

The main impact of AI on social beneficial stimulates research in several years. It covers topics from economics, security and control. It is all what you want to control starting from cars, airplanes, cardiac devices and transaction system.

Therefore, to understand future of AI, we must know current developments and nationwide AI progress today. And it is likely in the near future AI will substitute basic problematic tasks and job connecting matters. We will see AI make decisions instead of humans within financial institutes and customer service duties. In this regard, more revenue will generate as the organizations take advantage from AI. To understand the power of AI, we need to discourse the subject at academic level especially in the IT diploma assignments writing and at commercial level. It also includes scientific programs and data analytics that focus on student trainings.

Last but not least, AI is going to change our Universe from both ends at the workplace. Education, business and national economics should embrace these new technologies to take more effective benefit of AI which in turns enhance human intelligence. Workplace can be more productive than man power for excessive tasks and problem solving. Thus, AI will create strong relationship between human, imagination and technology.

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