Abaya, also known as an ‘aba’, is an over garment which is worn by women. Wearing Abaya is admired amongst women. This particular attire is respected and highly appreciated.

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Types of Abaya

Abaya is made in different garments in different countries. In Arab states of the Persian Gulf, you will see black color abaya and on the other hand in Turkish, you will see colorful abaya. In Pakistan, you will see the mixed trend of all the Abaya styles. There are some types of abaya which are as follows:

The Closed Abaya: The traditional and simple style which has no front buttons. It is convenient for some people as there is no need to wear pants. You can just wear tights with it. You can flaunt it on any occasion.

Open Button Abaya: This one has buttons in the front. Due to its stylish look, it is most popular amongst ladies. You can wear proper pants with it to make a strong style statement.

Abaya Cardi: The Abaya cardi comes with a belt and has no front buttons at the front. It is one of the modern designs. You need to wear a top and pants on this type of abaya.

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