• Open To Public: July 23rd to August 31st
  • Timing: 9:15AM to 7:45PM
  • September 1st to October 2nd October
  • Timing: 9:15AM to 6:45PM
  • Ticket Cost: £37
  • The time needed to see the whole Palace: 2.5 hours

Over View of Buckingham Palace:

The castle may not seem like much from the outside – dull and grey, but the inside is a whole different story. The inside is the epitome of royalty. It’s the official residence of the Queen; hence everything about it is majestic.  Apart from the Queen, it is also the administrative headquarters for the British monarchy.

The castle was initially built for the Duke of Buckingham in 1703; the name is derived from there. But eventually, the Palace was altered into the official dwelling of notable royals including George IV, Queen Victoria, Edward VII, etc.

It’s an interesting fact that Edward VII as well as William IV both opened their eyes at Buckingham Palace.  Furthermore, Queen Elizabeth II delivered both her sons, i.e. Prince Charles and Prince Andrew in this very Palace as well.

Under the rule of Queen Victoria numerous extravagant costume balls, lavish concerts as well as massive events used to take place. She was the first women to rule form this Palace.

The Highlights of the Tour:

The massive Palace has around 775 give or take, it also has 19 staterooms as well as 52 royal suits and guests’ dwellings. Out of the 775, 188 rooms are reserved for staff only. 78 of these many rooms are bathrooms and 92 are offices occupied by various officials. The Palace also has a cinema, a swimming pool, a police station as well as post office. Fun fact: the Palace has its own postal code.

The most famous rooms of the Palace are The Grand Hall, The State Dining Room, The White Drawing Room, and The Bow Room.  The best place to take a picture on the entire Palace is the Throne Room.

The Palace is surrounded by gardens that are so special that they are called the “walled oasis in the middle of London.” They have more than 350 types of wildflowers, more than 200 trees as well as an impressive lake that is over three-acre. The gardens also accommodate a huge tennis courts where kinds and dukes used to play tennis.

The eastern side of the Palace is where the royals come to stand and wave at their people. This happens when there is a special occasion like a wedding or birth. Everything of the Palace is special, even the street that leads to the Palace is has a special name “The Mall” and is used as the “ceremonial approach” path to the Palace.

Pro Tips about touring the Palace:

If you are smart you will purchase your tickets from the Royal Collection Trust, because that will give you 12 months of complimentary admission. You can return to the Palace in these 12 months whenever you want. However, you need to get this annual pass signed and validated by a member of staff prior to leaving the Palace.

If you aren’t into seeing the inside of the Palace, you can simply take a tour of the Palace from the outside, but to make the visit even sweeter make sure you have choose the day when “the changing of the guards.” happen. This isn’t a hard job; the change of guard happens every morning at 11:30 a.m.

How To Get there:

The Address: London SW1A 1AA, United Kingdom

  • Getting There By Tube: Green Park and St. James’s Park stations are the nearest.
  • Getting There By Train: London Victoria Station – is a ten-minutes from the Palace
  • Getting There By Bus: you can take the bus routes, 11, 211, C1 as well as C10 to Buckingham Palace Road
  • Getting There By coach: Victoria Coach Station is the nearest coach station – 13-minutes away from the Palace.

Visiting The Palace:

Visitors can take a tour of The State Rooms, The Queen’s Gallery as well as the Royal Mews that are open to the public all summer long. On average, the tours last for about two and a half hours, and you can’t take any kind of pictures or record a video, it’s strictly prohibited. But if you want, you can photograph the gardens and the landscape.

Visitors can buy refreshments such as cakes, tea, coffee and sandwiches at the café, but they aren’t allowed to eat inside any of the State Rooms. The café closes at 5:45 p.m. so be sure to get your sustenance before that.

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