By having a generator, you can simplify your life considerably in case of a power outage. When there is no power, a compact diesel generator can generate electricity insufficient capacity to facilitate life. Generators are used in areas where there are frequent power outages, or where a power source is beyond the scope of the imagination.

When there is no power, you need to run your compact generator fast. Therefore you need to keep the position of your portable diesel generator continuously correct so that you can easily use the generator at any time in an emergency.

Keep Your Portable Diesel Generator Prepared for Use

Check Damage or Fuel Leakage:

You should continuously check the generator before using a diesel generator. Turning the generator on without checking can be a risk.

Take Your Generator Open-air, Apart From the Home:

Take your generator in any case 15 feet out of your home. Never turn on a generator inside your home, it could be a danger to you. Carbon monoxide harming can happen in no time in the chance that you utilize a generator inside your home.

Try Not to Utilize Your Generator in the Rain:

You should never use your generator in the rain as water can create electricity damage to your generator and it can cause an electric short circuit.

Check fuel and oil:

You ought to consistently utilize new fuel for your generator, and check that the oil level is right. Most generator models won’t begin with an improper oil level. Consequently, you have to check the fuel before starting the portable diesel generator.

Clean the Carburetor:

Old oil found in a carburetor can mess some up in generators. You should properly and safely wipe the diesel generator’s carburetor. If you have never cleaned the carburetor, it is imperative to initially get data about it.

Check the Air Channel:

To run a generator, a generator needs some airflow. A stopped up air channel can stop airflow in the generator. It is your personal responsibility to keep the air channel clean.

In the case that it isn’t clear, at that point you change it.

Try not to refuel the generator when it is hot, and don’t put gas compartments close to the generator:

Try not to put fuel or gas compartments alongside the generator. Because of which there is a threat of fire in the generator. This misstep can place you in extraordinary peril. Thus, the danger of fire in your home may likewise increment. Regardless of whether you perceive, don’t make this mistake.

Diesel Generator starting Process

Stage 1-

Inspect the fuel level of your generator’s fuel tank. The fuel in the tank ought not to be fully filled as it makes the pressure inside the tank. Fuel up to 1 and 1/2-inch space over the tank to forestall a lot of weight. Ever utilize fresh fuel for your generators. This is incredible for your portable diesel generator.

Stage 2-

Remove the oil cap and dipstick, and clean the old oil on them. Check the oil level with the assistance of the plunge stick, the oil level on the plunge stick is clear.

Stage 3-

Take the generator to a well-ventilated space, as the generator leaves the harmful carbon mono oxide to work. This carbon monoxide demonstrates extremely perilous for us, because of this gas there is a risk of being executed. Keep Diesel generator exhaust beside windows and entryways.

Stage 4-

Turn the fuel valve in the “on” position, the fuel valve has on, and off positions. Prior to starting your generator, you will have the option to begin the generator simply in the wake of getting the valve the on position. When the diesel generator fuel valve is on setting it shows generators fuel supply is on.

Stage 5-

Drag the Choke to the “on” position. The engine of the generator will be prepared to work.

Stage 6-

If it is an electric start generator, press the generator start button to start generator or pull the rope to the start diesel generator. In the case that your diesel generator is an electric start generator, you should initially watch that the generator isn’t dead in light of the fact that the generator begins at an electric startup.


I hope that with the help of this blog, you will be better understand, how to start portable diesel generators. In this blog, the process of starting a generator has explained stepwise. If you have any questions about backup power generators and other generators services, you can contact our EO Energy team.