What do you know about your body? Simply eating nutritious food and going to the gym to do some exercises are not enough to keep you hale and hearty. Over time, your physical and mental batteries get worn out. So, you need to overhaul your whole body with something very energizing. A refreshing and thrilling vacation in Barbados will refuel your body and make you feel active, energetic and spry. This tourist destination has a tropical monsoon climate and abounds with unspoilt natural attractions—beaches, islets, coves, cays, coastal areas, dense jungles, gardens, farmlands and prairies.


In terms of accommodations, you will find various types of vacation rental homes in Barbados—villas, condos, apartments and cabins—at very affordable prices. These rental homes are furnished with all the modern facilities and amenities to make tourists’ lives comfortable and luxurious. You can rent any of them per your choice and budget. If you do not have sufficient information about accommodations, get in touch with one of the most reliable Barbados vacation rentals by owner.It will take away all your rental hassles and you will be tension-free.


Beaches are the best places in Barbados for tourists’ refreshment. Then, how can you be an exception? Those beaches that you should include in your itinerary are the following:

  • Miami Beach: Famous as Enterprise Beach, this beach is a major source of attraction among tourists. Umbrellas and loungers are available for the relaxation and enjoyment of tourists. It also boasts bistros and restaurants, where you can buy various delicacies including sandwiches.
  • Dover Beach: This is an ideal place for you to relax and tan yourself in the sun. In addition, you can swim in the warm water without any fear as it has no strong currents. The water sports activities you can indulge in here are jet-skiing and windsurfing. Stalls are located nearby from where you can buy various things, such as snorkeling gear, sunglasses, sunscreen, ice-cream, food items and cold drinks.
  • Brownes Beach: As one of the biggest beaches in Barbados, it has soft and white sand and turquoise water. It starts from the Boatyard and extends to Needham’s Point. Swimming, diving and snorkeling are the most enjoyable activities on this beach. Lifeguards are deployed here for the protection of tourists.
  • Folkestone Beach: Known to have been formed by an offshore shipwreck, it is a great place for you to relax and rejuvenate. You can also enjoy many water sports activities snorkeling and scuba diving. It has a marine museum and picnic spots. All in all, it is a kid-friendly beach.

Activities to Thrill Yourself

Barbados is famous for both water sports and terrestrial adventures. The water sports activities are snorkeling, sailing, surfing and fishing. Lifeguards are available to help novice adventurers. Terrestrial adventures include hiking and trekking. For these adventures, you need loose-fitting clothes, sturdy shoes and bottles of water.

Attractions to See

Barbados boasts many attractions that are very popular among tourists. Nevertheless, the must-see attractions for you include the following:

  • Sunbury Plantation: Known to have been built in 1660 by Matthew Chapman, it is an amazing museum that throws light on the life of the early habitants. It has many things for tourists to see— mahogany furniture, artefacts, horse-drawn carriages, etc.  While on a tour, you can visit every room of this grand museum. Its plantation grounds are fascinating sights for you to see.
  • Farley Hill National Park: Although it is a very old building, it looks very appealing to tourists. It is known to have been built in 1818. Later, it was acquired by the government and transformed into Farley Hill National Park. It is spread over 17-acre of land and has a garden, mahogany trees and picnic spots. Green monkeys are common sights here.
  • Barbados Wildlife Reserve: This is a wonderful place to have glimpses of most terrific animals of Barbados—monkeys, iguanas, tortoises, deer and Agoutis. In addition, other minor animals that you can spot here are snakes, maras, caiman and parrots. It has a very laid-back atmosphere and you can interact with animals to poke at them. Bring your camera to take photographs of these animals.
  • St. Nicholas Abbey: Known to have been built in 1658, it has inspiring myths associated with it. At present, it is a large sugar plantation. During your visit, you will find many antiques to enrich your knowledge.  The owner of this attraction is Larry and Anna Warren.

Popular Eateries and Shopping Malls

The popular eateries located in Barbados are Champers Restaurant, Chillin & Grillin, Nishi Restaurant, Oasis Beach Bar, Happy Days Café and Shakers Bar & Grill. The popular shopping malls are Limegrove Lifestyle Centre, the Walk Shopping Plaza Barbados, Sheraton Mall and Sea Reinas.

Get ready to leave for Barbados to overhaul yourself. Amidst its natural features, you will be able to recharge your physical and mental batteries. Regarding your accommodations, book one of the Barbados vacation homes in advance to avoid hassles.

Author Bio: I, Harry Jones, am a famous travel blogger. A week ago, I went to Barbados to enjoy a refreshing vacation. It has lovely beaches, coastal areas and many other attractions. Regarding my accommodations, I got one of the Barbados vacation rentals booked. I was very comfortable in it.