The automobile industry is progressing rapidly all thanks to technology. Apart from new gadgets, features and tools which have tremendously made the cars up-to-date, cars come in different body types now which are all unique and special in their own way. 

These various body types cater to different specific needs of people belonging to different lifestyles. This is why people choose a car which suits their way of living. But usually it is very difficult for the buyers to decide upon which category of car to purchase because there is a lot of existing variety. Therefore, this article is provided which focuses on the types and details of different body types of cars. 


The main difference between a truck and a car is that a truck is used to carry heavy things whereas a car is used to carry only people as it’s passengers. Sure, car also carries a little bit of stuff in the rear space but not as much as a truck can carry. Whereas a truck is not designed to carry more than 3 people which means it does not possess the same comfort for passengers unlike the car. 

Image result for car body type truckTrucks are usually built on a ladder frame and are the highest vehicles in the car industry. Because of this they have a good visibility of the roads and the overall view. The height makes them secure during accidents but also unstable at the same time because the bigger the height is, the lower the center of gravity will be. 

The main purpose of a truck is to carry equipment on the truck bed from one location to other. Trucks are often used in labour related fields such as construction. 


These are an abbreviation for “Sports utility vehicles”. As the name suggests, SUV’s are optimized to drive on rough and rugged terrains. They are a level higher than the car but still a level lower than the truck. However, they have a striking resemblance with car while having an additional cargo. SUV are properly covered. They are more expensive than a normal car because they are bigger. 

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They have similarities with off-road vehicles because they have a high ground clearance and are also a 4-wheel drive. SUV’s are similar to a station wagon due to its two-box design. The engine lies at the front after which the passengers area follows. SUV’s are owned by many people around the world and are preferred because of their combination of on-road and off-road vehicles.


A mix between the styling of SUV and the practicality of a regular vehicle, crossovers offer a smoother ride, better comfort and high fuel efficiency. They also have better visibility and height than hatchback. However, they aren’t too good of an off-road vehicle unlike the SUV. 

Image result for cross overcarCrossovers have a unibody construction and are comparatively lighter in weight and smaller in size than a regular vehicle. Their engines are small as well.


With 3 rows of seats, minivans are ideal for families to fit in children and all their belongings. These are large and tall cars. 

Image result for minivansTheir seats can be moved or even removed in order to carry heavy things. Crossovers are motor vehicles for common people and though they are similar to a van, they are smaller than vans. They have windows on all sides and look like a small bus from the outside. 


Hatchbacks car have a distinct feature of a “lift up” door which is also called as a hatch. These cars were originally designed to create flexibility between seating and rear area. 

Image result for hatchbackIt is not smaller than sedan and can seat up to 5 people. The storage space of hatchback can be increased by limiting the seating area. So basically, a hatchback has 2 or 4 doors but does not have a separate trunk space.


A coupe has a body of 2 doors and a fixed roof. It is shorter than a sedan. A coupe has only 2 doors while a sedan has 4 doors. 

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It might or might not have space in the back for passengers. It strikes similarities with sedan because coupe also has a separate trunk space with a lift gate. 

So these are the different types of car bodies. Which one do you prefer?