If you’re a repair store owner, you know how important it is to give the best experience to your customers. Everything from your repair shop POS software to your queue management system to all marketing efforts need to convey a “customer-first” attitude. It’s why so many businesses now focus on customer experience above all else – take care of them, and your business will flourish.

Providing your customers with the best experience entails a lot of things, and you’ll need to be mindful of them all. As the idea of customer experience becomes more widespread and adopted by a lot of companies, you’ll get to learn more on how to keep your customers happy and coming back to you when they have a repair in mind.

Quickest of Services in a Fast-Paced World

When you walk into a store, you go through a certain series of steps – look around for what you need, compare pricing to your estimates, selecting your items, and going through the checkout and payment process. This is often drawn in parallels to what salespeople and marketers call the “customer journey”. While most of this process is controlled by the customer, the checkout process is entirely dependent on the store, and oftentimes makes or breaks your business.

Since it comes right at the end of the process, your customer would want it to be over as fast as possible. That’s how it is with most modern systems in an internet-driven world, where deliveries arrive at your doorstep the same day. Because the checkout process isn’t directly controlled by the customer, it falls on the repair store to make it fast and speedy. Processing customers for their query needs to be quick and precise, ensuring that they don’t have to wait any more than they have to.

To accomplish this, you need to have a great system in place that takes care of everything. A repair shop POS software that takes care of retail, payments, queue management and invoicing is going to be essential here. More importantly, however, it needs to be simple and to-the-point. Your objective should be to have the customer taken care of as fast as possible, and to their delight. See, people usually assume that visiting repair stores is a very time-consuming process. It you manage to beat that perception, you’ll automatically gain the favor of customers by providing them a quick and pleasant experience.

Always Keep Your Customers Informed

Whether they’re in your store or at home, your customers should know everything about their repair, all the time. Keeping customers informed is the best way to have them engage with your business. This means that wherever they are, they need to be reachable when something happens.

The easiest way to do that is to use the data you have on them and keep them informed on their contact channels. Sending emails and text messages automatically when their repair status is updated is a great way to do that. Not only are you informing them on their repair job, you’re also reminding them of your business, keeping it at the forefront of their mind. Automated alerts on any updates to their job is a great mark of quality, and you’ll always find big tech companies place an emphasis on this, too.

The idea here is to make yourself memorable to your customers, whether it be through sending them automated updates, promotions, special offers, etc. Giving your customers the impression that you’re looking out for them and that you exemplify unique, authentic, meaningful and relevant experiences goes a long way. To earn your customers’ trust, you need to be giving them information that is valuable to them as part of your regular service.

Reward Customers for their Business

Offering rewards to customers in exchange for their patronage is a great way to generate leads and increase your business. You see it all the time with influencers online, who offer giveaways to people who subscribe to or follow them, and it can totally work for your business too.

Having a rewards system or a loyalty program can show your customers how valuable they are to you, and give them an overall positive impression of your business. By introducing a loyalty program (preferably one that is built into your repair shop’s POS software), you’ll be able to reward customers for coming in and doing business with you. A rewards system can then be put into place where they can receive special items and discounts from the loyalty points they accrue.

This strategy gives a lot of added value to customers, and improves their experience when dealing with your store. Not only are they getting quality service, but they will also be able to obtain special rewards by being a loyal customer. It also helps that this sort of strategy brings about an air of exclusivity for customers. Being made to feel special rings really well with customers, and the more you show them that they are no. 1 for you, the happier they would be every time they walk into your store.


Repair stores live and die based on their customers’ experience. Your overall service and business heavily rely on how well your customers feel they are being treated. Keeping them happy with quick service, information and rewards can turn their favor towards you quite easily, and to do that, you need to have the best systems in place. Invest in a solid repair shop POS software, keep your marketing budget generous, and be right at the top of your customers’ mind – for all the right reasons, of course. Regardless of where you are now with your repair business, the only way to succeed is by treating the customer, as the old adage goes, like a king.