You have spent a marvellous week with your family during vacation. Luckily, you have found sun throughout your stay, enjoyed some great food and your kids miraculously behaved very well during the whole tour! But the moment you enter the garage, you suddenly realize that something seems amiss. Your main door is slightly opened, and you’re sure to close it before leaving. The moment you enter the home, you cannot find your expensive electronics, jewellery, cash, etc. Some burglar might have entered in your absence. The glee from your previous week immediately wipes away and you are left shocked, “who did that?”

Unfortunately, thousands of people come across such a scenario every year across the world. The very first thought in your mind comes, “What should I have done to protect my home?” This article will provide you with the best answer to that question. 

There are obvious cases where no amount of arrangements would have forestalled a break-in. But with the help of a few simple steps, you can lower down the risk of your home being targeted and invaded by burglars. 

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Note: We will not recommend security systems here, as not everyone has them. No one will ever prefer installing it, simply for holidays (If you travel frequently, and don’t have a security system, then definitely it is worth looking into). If you already have a system, make sure to inform your security company that you will be on holiday, so that they deal with any alerts abruptly. 

1.        Ask Someone to Take Care of Your Home

One of the best and safest ways to protect your home is to have a good neighbourhood. When you are on good terms with your neighbours and communicate with them regularly, then you can let them know regarding your holiday trip and ask a favour to keep an eye on your home, a little. 

Everyone is busy with his routine life, never ask them to do a bunch of chores, but still, you can request them to beware of anything that seems awry. This can be the very first line of defence before leaving for the trip, and you can return the favour to them when they are away. 

If you are not comfortable with your neighbours, you can also ask a friend or family member to check up on the place a couple of times a week while you are away. 

2.        Timer Installation on Your Electronics

When a house is dark for several days, it indicates that the owner is away. Turning lights on for so many days is not a great idea, as anyone can notice that the garage lights are never turned off, even during the day time. 

To deal with such a situation, consider purchasing a timer, that plugs into the outlet and turns your lights and other electronic devices on and off, during certain times of a day. 

You might prefer installing a timer on lamps only, but plugging your TV and radio into them will be a great idea to produce noise. It will keep burglars away from your home.

3.        Ask Someone to Mow Your Lawn

An unkempt lawn and snowy driveway, without any sign of human movement, is a clear indication that the family is away from home. During the summer, ask a family member, close friend, a neighbour’s child or a landscaping company to mow your lawn, and in the winter do the same to clear your driveway and sidewalk snow. 

You can ask your neighbours to take care of any outdoor chores in your absence. For example, if your area is struck by a storm and has knocked a few branches down in everyone’s yard, and you are the only one who has not done anything to clear it, this shows you are not home. Although such incidents are rarely seen, still they can’t be ignored. This is where neighbours can help you better than anyone else!

4.        Stop the Mail

When you see an overflowing mailbox and a bundle of packages on your doorstep, you can easily analyze that the residents are away for a while. You can easily cancel your USPS delivery for up to 30 days. You can also request them to send your mail in bundles, upon return. 

When you are away for many days, the smartest way is to not order something that is scheduled to arrive while you are away. Stop your newspaper delivery during the trip, so that you are not welcomed by piles of newspaper upon return, hence making things easier for burglars.  

5.        Beware of Social Media

In this world of Instagram, every holiday is instantly shared on the internet, to behold the entire world. It is a rather beautiful way to share your photos instantly and let your friends know about all the fun you are having on vacation. But, have you thought that you are indirectly letting everyone know that you are away, and your entire stuff at home, is ready to be robbed? Hence, avoid photo-posting, check-in, and any status updates to protect your home. 

Feel free to share all the stuff with your family and friends, once you are back on completion of your trip. 

6.        Lock Everything at Home

Make sure to properly lock every single entry into your home, including deadbolts. Before going to work, you may lock the main door, but there will be a few windows or doors that mostly stay unlocked. But once you are leaving for vacation, go through the entire home and make sure to lock every single window and door. 

7.        Never Leave Spare Keys Out

If you have a spare key hidden somewhere in your home – under the mat, attached to a mailbox, under a decorative pot, make sure to remove it before leaving your home. The burglars very well know the spots where spare keys are kept by most of the people. 

8.        Lock Your Garage Door

When you have an automatic garage opener (instead of a manual door, that needs to be opened and closed by yourself), then you are pretty secure, as it is really hard for the burglars to open such doors. 

No matter what type of door you have for your garage, the most appropriate way will be to install a deadbolt-style lock for you. 

Make sure to go through the tips above, and note the one that seems to be relevant to your home and situation, and then include them on your list, so that you might not miss any of them. If you rush out the door and miss to lock a single door only, then all your security arrangements will be wasted. While looking for stress-free travel arrangements, long stay parking Luton deals will provide you with the best off-site services!