If you have any ailment that comes under state listed qualifying condition then follow the 3 steps by MyfloridaGreen to get your card without any hassle. 

  1. The first step is to get your qualifying medical condition assessed from a licensed medical marijuana doctor Sarasota. Do bring your medical history along when you visit the doctor
  2. Once your medical ailment is assessed. Doctor will write your recommendation and will enter your details in state registry. 
  3. After that you or your doctor (on your behalf) can submit your application. Fee for application is $75 whereas the physician varies with area and his experience. 

You can get medical marijuana card in Sarasota after verifiying  your residency if you are valid resident of Sarasota.

Once you application is accepted you will be provided with temporary ID via email. Your permanent ID may take few weeks to arrive. 

Types of marijuana:

Marijuana has been divided in three strain categories.

  • Sativa strains( high content of CBD so provides energy)
  • Indicia strains( relives anxiety due to higher THC content)
  • Hybrid strains (effect can be sativa or indicia strain. Depends on characteristics inherited from parent strain)

Products of marijuana:

  • Flower: for smoking and vaping 
  • Cartridges: used in vape pens 
  • Concentrates: for fats reliefs from pain 
  • Lotions and creams: for treating localized pain 
  • Oils: taken under tongue in pure form or mixed with other carrier oils.

Can I grow my own marijuana?

No you cannot grow your own marijuana. Only commercial marijuana license holder can grow or sell marijuana. You need to purchase marijuana from authorized dispensaries.  You are not allowed to purchase from a friend or local vendor. 

Don’t open your marijuana at public places. Open and use at private space. Do not possess more than 70 days’ supply.

Talk to doctor about cannabis: 

Some people feel shy to talk about medical marijuana Sarasota. Medical marijuana is a blessing so you don’t have to feel uncomfortable about it. Your health is important than anything in world. The more information you have about your cannabis, the more you will be able to get benefit from it. Ask your doctor about your medical marijuana treatment. Some of important question you should ask are:

  • What could be the cost of marijuana?
  • What side effects are possible?
  • What cannabis products can be used for conditions like mine?
  • Can it be harmful when I use it along with other medicines
  • What activities should be avoided? 
  • Can vaping products effect kids and pets 
  • Can I use cannabis during pregnancy 
  • And whatever you can think of. 
  • Remember to be bold so you are not left with any confusion in mind

Come visit us: 

Unlike many companies in Sarasota whose motive is just to make money, MyfloridaGreen was established to serve patients. We want people to be healthy and happy. Our professional team and experienced doctors are working day and night to help you get your medical marijuana card Sarasota. We are dedicated to help people and change the world of pharmaceutical drugs with medical marijuana for better and pain free life.