Building your brand is very crucial and important for the success of your brand. To convert your customers into your brand advocates or your fans you need to go all out to impress them and make them believe in you. You are missing out if you haven’t thought about building brand loyalty and building a life-long relationship with your customers. If you focus on building these relationships maybe then you can directly focus on having a loyal fan base. The competition has increased and there is n number of options that your customer can go with. The ability to retain customers is becoming very hard by each passing day, and it is making it all the more important to make these customers your fan. 

 Companies think that their performance solely depends on the performance of their product but it’s high time that they realize that their customer’s satisfaction matters too. With successful content marketing strategies and various other strategies online marketing companies in India can turn their everyday customers into their fans:

  • CHANGE OF PERSPECTIVE FROM PRODUCT TO CUSTOMER: If you want to change then you need to think out of the box and you need to start thinking creatively. Instead of thinking about what the customer thinks and feels about the content start thinking about who exactly is your customer and how did he become one in the first place, where are your diverse customers coming from and what all can you learn from each one of them. 
  • BRING THE LOYALTY THROUGH EMOTIONAL SOLIDARITY: Hit on the right nerve, right at the emotional cord. In today’s world, all the companies are giving more attention to how their competitors are performing rather than paying attention to themselves. If you start paying attention to the needs of all the customers and become consistent in satisfying them, they will last long. 
  • INCREASE VIRILITY THROUGH SHAREABLE CONTENT: Blowout the word and gain attention, it is as easy as this but if you look closely this is the most difficult part. The word viral goes hand in hand with the internet and all the social media sites. There is so much content out there and so many ways through which one can become viral, memes, videos, trending posts, hashtags, buzz, click-baits, etc. Consumers will come in contact with you through the kind of popular content that you share. Your concept and content creates you and your brand. Spreading the content directly means that more and more people are talking about you and gaining knowledge about you. Make sure that you post every detail about your content because the more you post, the more will the people know about you. It is important for you as a marketer to understand what is out there and what the consumers are seeing. You need to put yourself in the shoes of the consumers and look at things from their perspective. 
  • FOCUS ON YOUR SPECIAL SOMETHING: Try and figure out what is the most special attribute about your brand and make them listen to this thing. Your special attribute is something that will help you drive your marketing strategy and your brand story. Reflect what you think makes your brand exceptional. 
  • REDEFINE CUSTOMER SERVICE: The mere thought getting in touch with the customer care service makes us drained and worrisome because nobody wants to listen to the music that is being played and continues to play for the next 30 minutes or so. Just imagine that one great customer care experience can help you in making them remember your name and your brand. Make it funny and memorable, not boring and mundane. Create a positive expression. The day you create magic through your customer care services is the day when you gain one loyal customer. 

FIND YOUR ADVOCATES: Whatever you do and whatever efforts you put, it is never possible to turn every customer into an advocate for your brand. Some customers will come and make a single purchase and leave, some will come, look at your product and then leave, yes without buying, and some of them will stay forever and become your brand advocates. These brand advocates feel that they are affiliated with your brand and can relate to it. You need to find these people and you need to make them feel special because these are the ones who will take your brand forward and put in a good word for you, they have the potential to make you viral. You need to find all the social media mentions for your brand, identify who has mentioned you. Brand advocates can have a positive influence on people for your brand