The surprise and delight are more than just fuzzy catchwords. As a matter of fact, they have the potential to fuel your business growth in 2020 and beyond. In general, delight ideas revolve around customer support, but they are also applicable to creating unboxing experiences that go from a differentiator to a must-have.   

Designing a memorable customer experience is an essential part of building a sustainable brand. Sadly, the packaging is often a second thought for most businesses. Drawing emphasis on custom printed gift boxes can allow your brand to retain existing customers and optimize their lifecycle.

For e-commerce retailers, custom gift boxes can prove to be a key differentiator for their brand, persuading customers to buy from you. Subsequently, this will increase repeat sales. Your premium packaging solution can also make the difference when a consumer takes a picture of their new delivery and share it over social platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook.

This brings us to the most important question: What benchmarks one should use when opting for packaging materials to ship their products? In all probability, your initial criteria must include the necessities. For instance, materials that can keep your product safe without blowing your budget. But you may change your mind by the end of this post!

Components of Custom Printed Gift Boxes

Brands must encase their products in a way that they enhance customer’s experience. Remember, how you organize and present your product can also add great value and streamline your ideal customers’ shopping experience. Thus, leaving a lasting impression can encourage customers to share their feelings with their friends and loved ones through word of mouth and social networks. 

Primary Packaging

The very first thing your customers notices upon receiving the delivery is the primary or outer packaging of the product. This box has the potential to make or break your business as not all packages are created equal. So when choosing your packaging solution, ask yourself if you need a branded box or not. For example, if your company ships items that require discretion, such as high-end products or adult products, then a plain packaging will do the job. 

However, if you sell retail products or consumable items like food, it will be critical to brand your primary packaging to alert recipients about the encased contents as soon as they receive the delivery. If your product doesn’t fall in any of the above-mentioned categories, then consider what’s best for your brand and customers. Will your custom made gift boxes help enhance customer experience?    

If so, you can see a sudden spike in your sales. For example, monthly subscription service providers use custom gift boxes to surprise and delight their customers. This will help highlight the brand and reassure that customers are getting the best quality product. 

Secondary Packaging

Choosing secondary packaging for your containers provides you another opportunity to highlight your core values and top product features. Of course, not all items are shipped in premium packaging boxes. You can distinguish your shipping experience by leveraging topnotch packaging materials that are in line with your brand ethos.

Let’s say, if your business cares for the environment and utilizes greener packaging materials, you must show your target audience that your company is taking serious measures to minimize its environmental waste. Not only will this give your customers inner satisfaction but also promote sustainable practices, which will compel other eco-conscious customers to buy from your company. 

It can spark a debate among your audience, so it won’t be a bad idea to make it part of your content marketing strategy. The Legacy Printing and other reliable packaging companies can greatly help you with this.