The rapid advancement in technology each year increases our reliance on these devices. The functionalities that these devices carry out assist us in many ways. Along with the functions they perform, these devices are also quite vulnerable and sensitive to some threats. It implements a responsibility on us to keep our tools secure and safe from such risks and to take precautionary measures to prevent such occurrence. Malware and unauthorized access are common threats that people face due to the lack of security measures. Let’s discuss how we can make sure that our devices are secure in the year 2020. We are going to present 12 simple tips for this purpose. 

  1. Avoid Downloading From Anonymous Sources:

There is a store for each Operating system that has applications for you to download. But if you avoid those stores and download them from anonymous sites and sources, it might make things critical for you. Try not to do it to ensure your device’s safety.

  1. Using Firewalls:

Individuals might not be a big fan of firewalls, but in corporations and industries, using firewalls is a norm. It can block the possible unauthorized access a hacker may be trying to get. Spending some money on them is a wise decision.

  1. VPNs:

Earlier, organizations started the use of VPNs for a secure connection. But now its use has spread among individuals to prevent getting tracked. It is altogether another way to secure your devices.

  1. Cloud Backups Are Handy:

It is a strategy to secure your data. It is like creating a copy of your files to avoid losing them in case they get corrupted. You can use it for your essential data. 

  1. Stay Away From The Dark Web:

If you even get loosely interested in cyber security, you might have heard the term “Dark Web”. It is the network that you cannot reach via normal browsing. You might get curious, but it is the core of illegal activities. If you are trying it just for fun, know that hackers are waiting to get access to your data. It is better to stay as far away from it as possible. 

  1. Find-My-Device:

Your devices not only need protection from viruses and hacking but also from general theft and stealing. And for that, installing Find-my-device is the best idea so far. You can also use it for lost devices. Write My Assignment encourages device safety and security.

  1. Befriend Ad-Blockers:

It is a precious piece of advice that works excellent. Using an Ad blocker in your devices is the best thing to do as they are not only irrelevant but also dangerous for your data. There are add-ons on browsers which replace the ad area into a white space.

  1. Make Malware Scans A Ritual:

The malware works like slow poison. You might not even notice it enter your device until it shows itself. For which purpose, you must add malware scan in your daily surfing routine by using antivirus software. By doing so, you will be able to foresee the coming threat.

  1. Protect Your Account Details:

Many apps and websites to take my class online require you to provide them with your details which might not be the safest thing to do. Only provide these details to trusted sources. Some sites do not even have a privacy policy which can bring a lot of trouble to your device safety. Furthermore, if you are paying a website or app for some services, make sure that your bank details are in safe hands. Or it may land you to financial fraud. 

  1. Don’t Let The Free Wi-Fi Charm Work On You:

Free Wi-Fi access on a public place with excitingly fast speed is the desire of every person. But it can turn into a threat real quick. If it belongs to the authority of the place you are in, then you can trust it. Otherwise, connecting to a free source with a fishy name is like inviting a hacker to your device. Dodge, it to keep your data safe and sound.

  1. Go Through The Terms & Conditions:

We know that you are used to clicking I agree whenever you come across a Terms and Conditions page. It is preferable if you read it all, but if not, then do check out the privacy policy part to avoid any mishap or inconvenience. Ignoring can even sometimes result in allowing a company to use and sell your data through your permission. 

Using Reliable Application Software:

Every day, we use many application software programs. Even if you are using it from your Operating System’s store, there might be some apps that might get overlooked. They might be a product of manufacturers who are not trustworthy. Downloading them can lead to getting your device hacked in the worst cases.