Casinos are also living the digital revolution. After launching their websites, they want to become mobile. And for good reason, the outlets are enormous. The Canadian people now spend on average nearly three hours a day on their smartphones. Most importantly, they are no longer afraid to spend money with it. The countries and regions which have regulated the operation of online casinos present a clear finding … since 2016, online casino game offers have generated more players and results than solid casinos (i.e. the case in Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom and certain provinces of Canada,…), and the phenomenon is tending to accelerate since the majority of official and legal online casinos have been adapted to mobile devices.

According to a recent study, the activity in circle games is attracting more and more people. In the third quarter of 2019, there were no less than 1.5 million players. Nevertheless, the average expenditure is down slightly. In poker, the increase in tournament entry fees (+ 21%) still does not make up for the decrease in cash games (-20%). To win over users, the app is the best tool.

Unfortunately, gambling is not popular among the app platforms. If Apple now tolerates them, Google is still boycotting them. However, with more than 50% of the market, the refusal of the American group constitutes a brake on the development of mobile casinos. To be accessible to everyone, many companies are starting to offer mobile sites that can be accessed from any Internet browser. Based on the principles of “responsive design”, this type of site adapts to all mobile screens (smartphone, tablet, etc.). Mobile gambling has become a trend and will remain that way for a very long time.

Means of payment

To attract more and more customers, online casinos, especially the new online casinos, are diversifying their payment methods thanks to the advent of digital. So, in addition to traditional transaction methods like credit and debit cards, some sites offer a full range of alternative shopping methods. The advantages are numerous: reduced costs and times, rewards and loyalty program and higher security. In this area, some sites are far ahead.

To attract new customers, online casinos offer new games. The theme of sport, very unifying, is one of the most developed. Among the physical activities, football is the most popular as the fans are numerous. Among the games most used in this diversification, we find the slot machine. Slot machines are probably the easiest machines to play and anyone, without needing any experience, can stand a chance to win fantastic prizes.

Another tool of seduction, the prizes to be won. In this area, poker is in the lead. In tournaments organized by these companies, the prizes often reach one million euros. To face this competition, online casinos are upgrading their prizes, with more regular events and ever larger jackpots. To establish itself in this promising market, success depends more than ever on winning new customers.