The internet has made it possible for businesses to go global. That has led to incredible growth in the marketplace. With that growth comes the need for skilled translators and interpreters. By marketing to an international consumer base, companies are fast realizing the need to improve the way they communicate with their clients. That means finding experts who can help them render their marketing materials that the local population will instantly understand. If you’re looking for English to Portuguese translators, make sure you’re well aware of the myths. Knowing what’s true and not will help you make better hiring decisions for your team and business.

Translation is the same as Interpretation

Some mistakenly believe that translation is the same as interpretation. They’re vastly different, though, since translation services mean that the work involves written work. Interpretation services, on the other hand, involves a person serving as an intermediary between two or more groups that are communicating verbally in real-time. That means the interpreter only has seconds to provide the output while translators have a much more flexible time frame.

Bilingual People can All Translate

Just because someone speaks the language that doesn’t automatically mean that the person can translate with ease. That’s a common misconception. While it’s true that knowing two or more languages is a prerequisite for translators, it takes more than that to become an expert in the field. Excellent command of the language must also come with an in-depth understanding of regional dialects along with exceptional writing skills. The person must also have expert knowledge of the subject on which they’re translating.

Any Translator Will Do

Some people mistakenly assume that a translator can handle translation projects on multiple subjects or fields. That’s not always true. Some translators focus on a single subject or field. They might be skilled at translating legal documents but might not have the same aptitude for translating medical texts, for instance. It takes experience and skill to create marketing copy or translate a creative work like a story or essay. These projects come with different sets of requirements, so it’s best to hire a translator who specializes in your field.

A Machine Translation Will Do

Machine translations no longer require specialized software. Anyone can just type a few words in the Google box and wait for the translation to appear. However, while short sentences or words are easy to translate, the translations are pretty bad. That’s where experts come in. Whether you hire a freelancer or a translation agency, you get results that are much better than the translations that Google churns out. If you want translations for your business, work with a freelancer or an agency to ensure the best outcome.

Translators are All You Need

Companies figure out that all they need are translators to get the job done. But if you want to ensure quality results, you better hire an editor to go over the work. That or hire an agency that can distribute the work to a team. You could also hire several freelancers. Whichever approach you go for, having a team will be more efficient than expecting one person to handle that volume of work.