Have you watched the TV series Macgyver? Do you know the name of the actor who played Macgyver in the adventure-filled TV series that went on air in 2016? If you have been following the guy since the first season of the series remake after the 1985 version, then you must be aware of the excellent outerwear that the actor is seen wearing in different seasons of the series. The jackets and coats that the actor is seen wearing in the TV series made a special place in the hearts of all his fans, and every other young man wanted to get hold of the jacket that Macgyver wore in the series. The die-hard fans of the series seem desperate to buy the MacGyver Lucas Till Jacket that were seen on-screen.

In fact, the leather jackets used in the first edition of the TV series known as Macgyver were equally popular among the masses. If you have been following the movie series and find it to be interesting enough to grab the attention of millions of fans worldwide, how can the costumes and especially the leather jackets stay behind. The most popular leather jackets that the fans of Macgyver or the star actor Lucas Till like are the cowhide leather jacket that Lucas wore in the 2016 version of Macgyver. Macgyver did not only wore the expensive leather jackets in the series. He even wore the equally expensive satin designer’s jacket in which he looked handsome enough to become a heartthrob of the youth, and the jacket was also liked by millions of his fans. The people liked it so much that the jacket manufacturers had to manufacture the jackets as replicas to avoid copyright violation as the leather and satin jackets used by Lucas were designed by the top dress designers of Hollywood.

Lucas Till Leather Jacket

The action hero of the TV series Macgyver that consists of five seasons, is Lucas Till, who in no time at all became the heartthrob of millions of fans due to his good looks, skillful acting, and the role that he portrays in Macgyver. In one of the Macgyver seasons, he was seen in a brown-colored cowhide jacket that was successful in occupying a special place in the hearts and minds of the viewers. Cowhide leather is the form of leather that is acquired after a lot of processing of cowhide, but in some respects, it is better than other types of leather, and in others, the other types of leather are better. When it is about insulation, the perfect leather for insulation is cowhide leather, but it weighs a lot more than other types of leather like goatskin, lambskin, and sheepskin. When it comes to the stretchability of the leather, the cowhide does not stretch much that is why it has a sturdy look and weighs more than other types of leather.

The lead actor of Macgyver, Lucas Till wore a cowhide leather jacket that had a weather-resistant look, and the people who have even used the look-alike of the same made by the companies like celebjacket find it to be best in insulation though a bit heavier than other types of leather like lambskin and sheepskin. The brown-colored cowhide leather jacket that is a look-alike of the one that Macgyver wore had a soft viscose lining and a snap tab button collar. It has a branded zipper as a closure. The full-length sleeves of the jacket have button cuffs. It had a zippered pocket at the chest and two at either side of the waist. It is a trendy jacket that could enhance the smartness of any guy who wears it. The jacket has two inner side pockets. Most of the leather jacket makers prepared this jacket in two shades of brown and black.

Angus MacGyver Lucas Till Season 4 Jacket

The Agnus Macgyver fans who have followed the story closely know that Macgyver did not only wear the leather jackets in the Tv series he was also seen wearing denim and satin jackets designed by the topmost designers of the fashion industry. The black satin jacket that Lucas Till wore was lined with the soft viscose material and had a ribbed collar and cuffs. It has full-length sleeves and a zipper for proper front closure. Two zippered pockets are situated at the waist, and one inside pocket is also there.

MacGyver Lucas Till Brown Jacket

The fans of Lucas Till are aware of the beauty of the distressed leather jacket that he wore in the series. It was a brown-colored distressed leather jacket that complemented even the color of his hair in the TV series. The tough and rugged look made his fans scream when they saw him clad in it.

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