Flowers are just mesmerizing to look at. A treat to the eyes and subtle aromas, everything about flowers is just beautiful. Flowers are the essence of whichever place they are in and bring a vibe of cheerfulness and happiness all around making everything around them vibrant and jubilant. We all bring in flowers to our houses to decorate things with them and why not, flower decorations bring in a level of sophistication to our houses. Now with the growing online businesses, flowers have caught up as well and not just big cities but you can order flowers online from the florist in Zirakpur, Panchkula, and other small cities as well and decorate your houses. Let us now look at some unique ways of decorating our houses with flowers.

Old watering pots

There must be a variety of old gardening equipment at your houses. Grab an old watering pot, fill it half with mud and plant some beautiful flowers in it. You can even paint it with the same color that is of the flower, it will match wonderfully and give a beautiful look, and will act as a homemade creative alternative to a vase.

Using eggshells as a miniature vase

There are many varieties of small flowers that come in the market. The specialty of these flowers is that they are vibrant and have different and lavish colors. You can paint eggshells and use them as a miniature vase for these flowers. Guests are going to love these and get attracted to these miniature eggshell vases a lot.

Old glass bottles

Probably one of the most prominent alternatives to expensive vases. We all love to keep flowers in the used glass bottles at our houses. Give them a proper touch from now on. Used whisky bottles with fancy designs look so beautiful when mesmerizing flowers are out into it. Do it the right way and attract your guest to your flowers like a bee is attracted to honey.

A teacup vase

This probably is a new one. Just imagine how beautiful your vibrant will look on a floral printed teacup and plate. It shouts out sophistication from all angles. These vases can be the center of attraction for your kitty parties and other small occasions as well. Carving out these lovely teacup vases can act as one of the ways to celebrate your special someone’s birthday as well. They just go with every occasion.

Transparent vases with colored water

This is one of the latest trends that is hovering around in lavish households. You have to take a glass vase, put your favorite flower in it and fill it with vibrantly colored water and you are good to go. You can try color combinations of water and flowers. It just looks very intriguing and mesmerizing, to say the least.

Decoration of cages

Bring in an empty birdcage, a small one first of all. You need small flowers that creep upwards and blossom for this. Choose your combinations and decorate your cage as you suffice. Hang the cage on your balcony and look how beautiful it looks. Not just your guests, you will have birds chirping around it as well. You can also hang these on top of your dining table, on your walls or anywhere else you want it to be. These bring in blissfulness all around.