The manufacturers of leather jackets and vests do not only make the outerwear with leather, in fact, they make several different types of outerwear with different materials and for different occasions. Most of the business that the apparel industry attracts comes from different styles of outerwear for example the video game apparel, the film star apparel, and sportsman apparel. The outerwear that the apparel industry manufactures for the above-mentioned categories is very popular, especially in the western world, where the fan following of celebrities and singers is on the peak as compared to the eastern countries. The following are some of the main categories that earn a fortune for apparel manufacturers.

Film Celebrity Inspired Apparel

No matter if it is the production of Canadian Television or the USA or the even UK, most of the TV series have top-rated celebrities are working as lead roles. Not only this, the top designers are hired for the dress designing for the top celebrities working in the film. The designers charge a fortune to design the apparel for movies and TV series and own the copyrights of each design that they make. The designer apparel is out of reach for the general public. There are so many fans and followers of film celebrities that want to follow them in what they wear. But when they see the price tag of the limited-edition apparel, they get depressed as it is way beyond their means. It is the time when the apparel manufacturing industry steps in remakes most of the outerwear that the star celebrities wear in the movies and on TV. The outerwear manufacturer makes sure that a small difference is deliberately left in the original and the redesigned version to avoid the copyright case. The following are the main products that sell under the celebrity categories in huge numbers.

Peaky Blinders Apparel

Peaky Blinders is an English TV series that started in the year 2013 and consisted of five seasons. In the series are used a number of outerwear that are not only praised by the film viewers but loved and admired so much that the fans wanted to get dressed like their favorite stars. As the designer outfits were too expensive, the apparel manufacturers started producing the look-alikes of the celebrity jackets and coats with a minor unnoticeable difference to avoid a copyright lawsuit. The experienced designers working with the apparel manufacturers do a tremendous job by designing the remake of the original designer jackets and coats. The following are some important products that have been in demand since 2013.

Michael Gray Peaky Blinders Coat

Michael Gray is the actor who played the role of Finn Cole in the BBC TV drama series Peaky Blinders. Throughout the movie Finn Cole is portrayed as a well-dressed and well-groomed man and that is the reason why he became the favorite character of the series. The black-colored woolen coat that he wore was a product that the apparel industry had to produce in large quantity to cater the needs of the Peaky Blinders fans.

Natasha O’Keeffe Peaky Blinders Trench Coat

Natasha O’Keeffe is a multi-talented British actress who had already worked in a number of other TV programs when she was contacted for the role of Lizzie Starke in the TV series known as Peaky Blinders. In the movies, she wore a trench coat that became so popular that the apparel industry had to work hard to meet the requirement of the people. The apparel companies earned much profit by making the beige-colored trench coat that became the trend of the town.

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