Everyone is familiar with the fact that how 2020 turned out to be more of a nightmare for the people throughout the world, and the effects are still visible in 2021. With so many developments in just one year, there has been significant development in logo designs as well. Today, we bring to you the top 10 hottest logo design trends to watch out for in 2021. The 20s trend is changing with the new and improved style of 2021, signifying a change that is in the making.

1. Faded Letters

The first in the list for logo design trends to watch out for in 2021 is faded letters, an ideal way to grab the attention of the customer or target audience. The faded letters style may comprise of a variety of styles including half-finished lines, taking out a word part, or making use of fading colors, to give a mystic feeling. As a professional logo design company Ireland, we are here to inform that the practice of doing so is a complicated one. In case you are unable to limit yourself, the logo will appear unreadable. Thus, just like in any aspect, logo designing must also have limitations associated with it.

2. Elevated Logotypes

The second type of logo design trend to watch out for in 2021 is Elevated Logotypes only comprise of typography without an icon. Solopreneurs, coaches, consultants, musicians, bloggers, and a variety of artists make use of such design trends, so much so that it is a common practice nowadays. As far as businesses are concerned, they have to make themselves visible, and in 2021, they have adapted to the same logotypes as well. However, as a logo design company in Ireland, we are aware of the drawback it has. Hence, it does not give the brand or company the amount of visual impact that it needs. In terms of logotypes, they can be harmful to a company’s visibility because of being forgettable, bland, or generic. Especially, small businesses need to prove their worth, which cannot be possible if they make use of elevated logotypes.

3. Perspective Drawing

Perspective drawing is the third in the list of logo design trends to watch out for in 2021. This is because the design is an ideal way to show the personality of the brand, through a customized logo style signifying clarity and simplicity in one place. Hence, for a viewer of the brand, it is nothing short of appealing because it is a combination of flat design and a minimalist approach. As a professional logo design company in Ireland, it seems that the designers in 2021 are having a tough time relinquishing the style and the trend may continue in the long run. It is all about simplistic design with foresightedness, linear perspective, and curvature that appeals to the audience and makes the logo as most liked one.

4. Inventive Typography

Inventive Typography is all about combining typography with a creative approach to get outstanding results. To emphasize the personality of the brand, it is important to utilize solutions related to creative typography. As far as logo design company in Ireland is concerned, Even the most incomprehensible logos can be transformed with the help of original custom fonts. As far as the audience is concerned, they cannot get enough of inventive typography. However, it is better to choose a new font, rather than revamping the old one.

5. Artistic Chaos

The final in the list of logo design trends to watch out for is artistic chaos, known for its uniqueness and rule-breaking approach. This type of logo design is ideally known for excessive gradient usage, type manipulation, scattering geometric shapes on your canvas, and making use of vivid colors. In 2021, our Best Logo Design Company in Ireland believes that artistic chaos will continue to be in demand and is expected to remain the same throughout 2022 or even more.


On a conclusive note, the rare styles of logo design trends are something that needs to be watched out for. As a logo design company in Ireland, we have highlighted some key logo trends to watch out for in 2021. These are some of the trends that have got the imagination of the target audience and helped brands and companies to stand out against the fierce competition. If you want to get more free Instagram followers to promote your logo design on Instagram, you can try to use GetInsta, the best tool to get free Instagram followers & likes.

Author Bio: Sandra Grow is hired as a creative head at Digital Centric Ireland. She is well-versed with the latest creative trends that are encircling around digital mediums. She is known for putting forward the best ideas in her company which is why she is the boss’s favourite employee. Sandra Grow to become a billionaire in the future with a motivation to do bigger and better.