Logo design is a significantly important part of a brand. The branding strategy, the website design, and even the brand recognizability depend heavily on the logo design of the brand. To name a few, very popular and impactful logo designs of giants in their industry are; Apple, Starbucks, and Nike. All three brands are recognized for their simplistic but impactful logos.

Abstract Logo

Abstract logos are conceptual logos that are symbols that only can be associated with a specific brand. They usually only consist of a symbol that is tailor-made for you. It is a unique logo designed for a particular brand and depicts only your company.

Mascot Logo

These are the most family-friendly logos that are used for the target audience. Many teams often use mascots to entice the audience, similarly, brands use mascot logos to appeal to their audience. To name a few are KFC and Pringles. Both these brands have recognizable mascot logos that are very popular and considered friendly and approachable. Logo Design Flix is renowned for designing Mascot logos in the US.

Emblem Logo 

Emblems are a very formal and royal logo form. These are usually used by organizations, institutions, on stamps, and by monarchs. They have stood the test of time and remain a popular form of logo design for formal settings. They have a type-face with a certain border that gives it a proper finish.

Combination Logo

This is self-explanatory, it is a combination of an image and text. A unique image/symbol is used with the brand name. It could be an abstract logo, a mascot with the brand name. The major pull for using a combination is to show the symbol but with the brand name.

Wordmark Logo

Wordmark logos are simple logos with the text of the brand. It is simplistic, to say the least, the purpose is to show the name of the organization. It is the name in a specific font.

Letter-mark Logo

Letter-mark and monogram logos are typography-based logos, they take the abbreviated initials of the company name. It was a popular form of designing logos for a major part of the marketing campaign for a while. Many brands such as Louis Vuitton, YSL, and HP have used letter-marks. But it has evolved over many years now. Logos are still a very impressionable part of a brand and its marketing strategy. And so much attention is paid to it.