Some people can barely imagine a world without credit scores. But did you know that the credit score was invented only a few decades ago? The FICO credit score was invented in 1989. 

Before credit scoring was standardized and popularized, lenders had to make lending decisions without simple, objective numbers. They would try to get a feel for people asking for loans or to accept financial obligations. It was a difficult and messy job trying to figure out who would be trustworthy with money and who would not.

Credit scores have changed all of that. However, there are some credit score myths that you shouldn’t fall for. So, what exactly is a credit score, and why is it so beneficial? Read on to learn everything you need to know about credit scores!

What Is the Credit Scoring Model? 

Everybody has a financial history. If you were to write down every transaction you’ve ever made, every loan you have repaid, and every obligation you have fulfilled or not fulfilled, that would be your financial history. Anybody with the time to read through it could get a good idea of how reliable you are with money and financial obligations.

Of course, there are two problems with that idea. The first is that it would take a very long time. And the second is that it would be difficult to prove the reliability of the information you have written down.

Credit scores solve both of these problems. First, they take all of the information of your financial history and reduce it to a single number. That way, anyone who wants to know how reliable you are can get a rough sense of it at a glance.

Second, credit scores keep track of your official transactions and obligations. Your landlords, employers, and lenders, all contribute so that there is a reliable record of your financial history. Moreover, understanding how credit scoring works and how to improve your score could bring you closer to financial freedom.

What Are the Benefits of a Credit Scoring System? 

Credit scores are good both for consumers and for businesses. For businesses, it is helpful to be able to quickly assess who is reliable and who is not. For consumers, it is great to have a fair way for others to judge for your actions.

The best credit scoring companies provide a great service to society. If business credit scoring models have so far given you bad credit scores, you can change that. By paying back your debts and being reliable with your payments, you can improve your credit and prove that you will be trustworthy in the future.

Understand the Benefits of Credit Scoring

We hope that you were able to learn something helpful from this brief article about just some of the benefits of credit scoring. Credit scores have not always existed, but since they were invented, they have been a powerful tool that helped people to make good business decisions. Taking care of your credit is essential to show people that you can be trustworthy with loans and obligations.

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