Want to know the best 3 free screen recording software for Windows 10, then must read this article.

Nowadays many people create videos for YouTube or any other social media platform. For this they need a good video recording software to record videos professionally. But some of the users are not that much pro to use a full-fledged or very expensive video recording software.

So we are here to introduce you to the best free screen recording software for Windows 10.

Top 3 best free Screen Recording Software for Windows.

Between multiple good quality video recording software we have found the best screen recording software for your Windows device. As the offers a variety of features that makes your video recording experience much better than other video recording software. These are as follows-

  • Camtasia
  • Screencast-O-Matic
  • Tiny Take

Let’s examine their features to learn about them more deeply.


Camtasia is a Techsmith’s product specially designed to create video tutorials through screenshots or recording. It is the best screen recording software for Windows 10. Also, you can record audio simultaneously and add distinctly with another source or use device audio.


  • It provides you multiple templates, libraries, themes, or shortcuts in a single file for creating videos easily.
  • You can record anything on your screen whether it is a video call, PowerPoint presentation, or website.
  • Record audio and video through Webcam to add a personal touch to your videos.
  • You can add imported video, audio, images from mobile, computer, or cloud directly to your video.
  • Camtasia provides you ready-made animations to enhance video quality.
  • Its Green Screen feature allows you to change the background easily and frequently. Or you can add video footage to it.
  • There is a video table provided for the viewers to navigate while watching the video.

Camtasia offers a 30 days free trial for the users to explore its features. If you find it a suitable software but its cost might be expensive for you. So users can use Techsmith Coupon Code for attaining good discount offers and use it at a low cost.


Screencast-O-Matic is a free screen recorder for Windows 10. It is mainly used to create how-to videos, tutorials, e-learning videos, and much more.


  • It can be used for personal, educational, or work purposes. Each purpose offers its different features.
  • This is a fast and easy software to record videos by screencasting through Webcam.
  • Offers various video editing features such as video, text, shapes, or images for free.
  • Some other additional features are Green Screen, animations, automatic captains, and much more.
  • Captures the screen frequently and provides annotations to them. Such as arrows, text, highlights, or much more to upgrade your video quality.


Screencast-o-Matic is a free screen recorder for Windows 10. But if you want to use the Deluxe or Premiere plan you have to buy a subscription for it.

Tiny Take

Tiny Take is a free screen capture or video editing software for Windows 10. By using this software you can capture images of your computer desktop and add comments or rapidly share it with others. This software is created by Mango Apps.


  • It provides various annotations such as arrows, text boxes to highlight the major points on your video.
  • Sharing scrrenshot is quite an easy task. You will get a link after publishing to mention it in your history.
  • You can record your screen for 120 minutes using a Webcam.
  • This software allows you to record an entire screen, a region, or a certain portion of  your Window.
  • The videos and images can be stored in the cloud.
  • It offers a zoom in/ zoom out for the images and videos as well.


Tiny take is completely free software for personal use. But, for the Commercial use you have to buy a paid subscription.


We have mentioned the top 3 best free screen recording software for Windows and their features. In our point of view, you must use Camtasia software for video recording. As it provides the best user experience for video recording or screen capturing. 

We hope this guide will help you a lot to find the best screen recorder for Windows 10.