The pandemic has not only changed everyone’s lives but also the world of technology. The biggest question lingering around the new technological innovations are whether they are here to stay. 

The new technological innovations have filled many of the gaps that the pandemic has introduced. We are all used to new discoveries in fields such as artificial intelligence and e-commerce. What came as a massive surprise are the advancements in fields such as education and healthcare. Digital connectivity has always been important but never as much as during the pandemic. Businesses such as a good Managed Service Provider serve as a great example by the way they have adapted to new technological advances since the beginning of the pandemic. Below are a few new trends of technology that could outlast the pandemic. 

Digital Workplaces 

Due to the constant lockdowns in many countries around the world many people have had to work from home full-time. Businesses providing Birmingham IT Support Solutions as well as IT Support for the rest of London, have provided the support needed while working from home. Many big companies such as Twitter and Facebook have made plan for their employees to work from home on a permanent basis. This has led many to believe that working world is likely to remain remote. Business may not be what they once were, but this does not mean that they do not have the chance to thrive. 

Online Learning

Going digital has not only benefitted those in the world of work but also kids all around the world. An estimated 1.6 billion children in 195 countries have been forced to conduct their schooling from home. Learners have had to make use of tools such as language learning apps, virtual tutoring and e-learning software platforms. London IT Support businesses have provided excellent assistance to businesses experiencing issues with their software. Take for example those providing the kind of IT Support Law Firms need, the knowledge needed around software for finance is astounding, and important so as to ensure the tools you’re using are beneficial. 

More learners have been given the chance to an education with more projects being introduced. This has resulted in a decrease in inequality of education around the globe. There is no doubt that this is the way forward with education being a necessity for all. 

The debate surrounding man versus machine is definitely a hot topic of late with the continuous advances in technology. People may be afraid by this but should be aware that despite the new developments technology still requires that humanistic characteristic. Technology has however been of great use whether through online learning or remote working. It certainly has many benefits that many people have been capitalising on.