For over a year now, we have been seeing a strong movement towards remote working in the business world – but what most tech giants – especially Microsoft – seem to believe is that the future of working is with hybrid offices and workspaces. We’ve seen how even companies providing IT Support for Financial Services are taking this kind of working style into account. It appears to be the best way to make sure all employees are given the flexibility to work the way they want to for optimal productivity. It may also facilitate a reduction in a business’ energy consumptions and carbon emissions.

If perhaps you are not familiar with the term, hybrid working is a system of working that is balanced between those employees who choose to commute to an office space, and those employees who choose to work from their own home.

Microsoft Hybrid Working

Microsoft have been one of the leaders in tech development during the boom in remote and hybrid working. Their products and services, already well-suited for this style of work, have been pivoted even more so to target the demands of WFH with excellent precision. Recently they announced several lines of hardware that are designed to facilitate hybrid working for all users.

For instance, their new line of intelligent cameras are optimised for a type of M365-optimised hybrid workspace, known as a Teams Room. There are many IT Support Services Solutions which take this kind of working into consideration and how to help teams with support for Microsoft products. Microsoft Teams, as you may well know by now, is Microsoft’s unified communication and collaboration app – it combines instant messaging, video calls, meetings, and conferences, and internet telephony, all into one platform that works across the web, desktop, and mobile device.

A Teams Room is a meeting room which has been equipped with calling and meeting technology to deliver a seamless Microsoft Teams experience. You can speak to your IT Support Provider for help, if you’re in London or the UK then speak to a Managed Services Provider London businesses to help you find the right devices. They normally have a HD television for on-premise participants to view remote participants; they have a combination of speakers and conference room microphones, in order to deliver HD audio to all participants.

Microsoft have recently announced new lines of hardware to better facilitate hybrid meetings. For example, their new AI-powered webcams can track speakers, focusing in on participants in a meeting room. These cameras also have panoramic focal lengths, so that one webcam can easily capture everyone in a meeting room in its video feed – within Microsoft Teams, remote participants can choose between viewing the video feed as is, or splitting it up so that each participant is separated into their own pane.

Microsoft Teams Hot Desks

Hot desking is another important solution to consider with hybrid working. Perhaps your business wants to return to the office, but they are downsizing to a smaller space – and you are splitting your time between home and the office, which means desks will be shared between users. How do you make sure that users always have an office workspace that is optimised for them?

A range of solutions can be implemented – for instance, Microsoft have a solution known as Teams Displays. These are purpose-built displays (like tablets) which only run Microsoft Teams. They are designed to remove distractions from your primary work device – they display all of your notifications, and your important activities, so that you don’t have to switch between work and checking teams on your computer.

Having these devices set up at each hot desk in your office also means that users can reserve a hot desk via Teams or Outlook – this means users can always see what spaces are available in the office, making it easy to organise a rota.

If your business has a Microsoft 365 infrastructure, and especially if you are partnered with a Cloud Solution Provider or other Microsoft Partner, then you are spoilt for choice in terms of technology to facilitate Hybrid Working in the very best way.