Technology in the workplace has made tremendous strides in recent years as it has allowed companies to shift their operations from outdated analog and into the digital age. 

There are many benefits to using the latest technology in the workplace that both management and employees can appreciate. Those who work in the Managed IT support services industry have described upgrades and advances in technology as game changing for their working environment – without knowing about these new technologies, they wouldn’t be able to suggest them to customers and help their businesses grow. 

You may be wondering what a digital workplace is, well it is a network of connected workplace technologies that create a collaborative environment for employees online. Having the correct tools for digital working is important, they are great if you work at an IT managed services company for example and need help staying ahead of the curve, these kinds of tools can help your businesses stay on top of any new tech trends and recommend them to customers. Below are a few important tools that will make staying up to date with tech trends easier. 

The Cloud

Cloud computing is extremely important for protecting confidential information of any business. It involves accessing and storing information over the internet instead of using traditional local storage. 

Cloud services have become very common, you may not realize it, but your mobile device is most likely using the Cloud for you photo storage. When businesses make use of any Cloud services, they need to ensure that their employees are not using personal Cloud storage for any work-related information. This could be extremely detrimental to your business because it is a huge security risk. 

Smart Virtual Assistants 

Virtual assistants have become extremely useful for not just executives and upper workforce management. Many employees have also turned to virtual assistant company apps for help with increasing their productivity. Providers of Outsourced IT support services have pointed out how useful virtual assistants are for any business – within the IT Industry this kind of technology is being used more and more often. 

CRM tools 

If a business wishes to stay up to date with customer demands they need to make sure that it aligns with their preferences. To do so you need to make use of Customer Relationship Management Software which gathers, stores and organizers customer interactions and data in one place. 

CRM tools provide businesses with feedback so that they can have a better understanding of their customers. Once businesses do so they can align their sales, services and marketing initiatives with customers needs. CRM tools tend to collect and store a lot of consumer data which may seem alarming from a security perspective. But there is nothing to worry about because any confidential consumer data is safe.