Many people wanting to educate themselves think that it may be quite costly. However, it does not always have to cost an arm and a leg. There are plenty of free courses that can improve your IT skills and all you would need is internet access. 

By furthering your tech skillset, you could earn a job working for a company that provides  IT Support for Small Business Solutions with the right skills. Free tech sites are a great way to indulge in new topics without having to fully commit to anything. These sites also help you stay on top of developing trends and technologies in the industry. 

If you are bored and stuck at home during the pandemic, then why not begin a new venture. You might as well spend the extra time you have being productive and improving your tech skills. When we spoke to professionals who provide outsourced IT support, they stressed that it is beneficial to further educate yourself if you wish to enter the tech industry. Below are a few online tech education providers that can help you without having to spend an enormous amount of money. offers a wide range of free IT courses in networking and security, hardware, software development, game development, software tools, IT management and more. The choice is yours; you can decide on whether you would like to do certificate courses or diploma courses. 

The only time that you would pay for anything is when you pay a fee to get a printed or digital certificate. If you wish to gain access to more features you can opt for the premium option for only $9 per month. 


Codeacademy offers an array of free coding classes, these classes include 12 programming and markup languages such as Python, Ruby, Java, Java Script, jQuery, React.js, AngularJS, HTML Sass and CSS. 

You receive a hands-on experience and real time feedback from peers which makes the learning process easier. If you enjoy the courses you can take it a step further by signing up for a Codeacademy Pro account for only $19.99 per month. 

Dash General Assembly 

General Assembly may be a for-profit education organization, but they do offer a free course that promises to teach students the basics of web development. Users of a Managed Services Provider London Solutions firmly believe in them because they offer the right IT support when called upon. 

This course is completely online which means that you can learn everything at your own pace. The courses offer great features like tutorials and hands on projects you can complete via your browser. These features are awesome for those interested in web design and this is a great way to test whether or not you are passionate about it.