Screen Recorders have increased in their popularity over the years and almost everyone nowadays gets into situations where they screen record, whether for fun, work or education purposes. In this way screen recordings help people in being able to save and share the stuff that they have to. Indeed, when it comes to screen recording software, the name of iTop Screen Recorder is of special mention because not only it is simple and great at what it does, most of its basic features are free to use which makes it the ultimate choice.

Outlining features of iTop Screen Recorder

Let’s see some of the features which sets iTop Screen Recorder apart from every other software.

  • No limit on recording time.
  • Choose video quality up to 4k.
  • Choose audio and video formats according to needs.
  • Hardware acceleration to ensure lag free experience.
  • Can record audio from system sounds as well microphones.
  • Integrated webcam overlay option
  • Take screenshots while recording.
  • Edit with an in-built editor.
  • Schedule recordings and much more.

How to make a basic screen recording of your PC’s screen?

If it is your first time using this software, it is advised to go through the following instructions. Although iTop Screen Recorder has such a basic UI that anyone could use it, still having a background knowledge of how things should work can be of great help.

  • The first step to recording your screen is choosing the file and format and deciding what video quality you want. To do that, open iTop Screen Recorder and click on the three bars seen at the right top corner.
  • This will open up a menu. Click on settings from here.
  • In settings, look the left sided vertical menu. Click on format. Change the settings of video to how you want. May it be 4k, 2k or HD. Also decide the file type whether mp4 or others.
  • Then click on record and decide where you want the recorder files to be saved.
  • There are also other settings, and if you want to go through all of them you can. But for the first time, this is enough. Click on save.
  • Now click on this icon here.
  • Here you can see the options. First you have to select what screen area you want to capture. You can capture the whole screen, a specific part of it or even a specific window.
  • The next step is to decide if you want your mouse’s cursor to be seen. Click on it to turn it off or on.
  • Next step is if you want to record a video with your webcam simultaneously. This will be shown in the form of an overlay on your screen recording present at one of the four corners of your screen. If you want to meddle with its settings, you can do that too.
  • Once you have done these, click on the big red recording button to start recording. The recording shall begin and will continue until you want it to be stopped. This bar right here in the corner is where you can pause, stop and see the duration of the screen recording.
  • Once you click on the red square, you video recording is stopped and saved. iTop Screen Recorder screen will come in front and show you your saved video recording in ‘My creations table’.
  • This is how to record and capture everything you want on your PC screen with iTop Screen Recorder.


iTop Screen Recorder is one of the best options available if we are comparing screen recorders, especially if you are looking for a screen recorder for PC that has a great number of free features. Recording screen with this recorder is quite easy to do and once you get a hang of it, you will be doing all of this in just a few clicks.