Have you ever deleted photos or videos that you wish you hadn’t? Perhaps you were trying to free up space on your device, or maybe there was a problem with the connection? Whatever the reason, if you find yourself wanting access to those images again, use this guide to learn how to recover deleted photos and videos with iTop Data Recovery.


Why You Should Always Back Up Your Photos

Too many people have found themselves in situations where they’ve accidentally deleted their precious photos and videos. Even if you back up your photos, it’s always a good idea to double-check that you haven’t accidentally saved your files. How can you back up your digital files? On your computer, store pictures on an external hard drive or upload them online. On mobile devices, use apps like iCloud or Google Drive for backup. 

Use Windows Built-in Features to Recover Deleted Photos and Videos

Every time you delete a file from your computer, it doesn’t necessarily mean that file is gone forever. On Windows machines, deleted files are placed in a Recycle Bin for some time. But if you empty your recycle bin or if you don’t have one backup on your machine, then those deleted files may never be found again. So, to recover those photos and videos that are completely deleted from the recycle bin, you have to use iTop data recovery software.

Why Use iTop Data Recovery?

You accidentally deleted an important document on your hard drive. Or you had a computer problem that required you to restart your computer. Any type of other problems can cause data loss, but fortunately, data loss doesn’t necessarily mean total data loss. Downloading the software called iTop Data Recovery is one of your best options for recovering lost photos, videos, music, documents, and more without taking any more time.

Download & Install the Program

While there are a wide range of data recovery programs available, and even free ones. But free programs come with limited functionality and very little support. And when your computer fails at a crucial moment—whether it’s related to photos or anything else—it’s good to know that you have access to full customer support. Downloading a professional data recovery software is quick and easy, but it’s best done after some basic research into which companies offer reliable products. Once you download one (which should be via the official company site), installing it on your machine is easy as running an executable file; everything else happens automatically. Now we take iTop Data Recovery as an example.

Run a Scan to Locate the Files

Running a scan is one of the first steps you should take when using iTop data recovery software. It allows you to find where your files are being stored on your hard drive. Your data may not always be located in one place, so performing a deep scan is necessary. To run a scan, follow these simple steps: 

  • Launch iTop Data Recovery; 
  • Press Start Scan; 
  • Follow on-screen instructions for completing your scan.

Preview, Transfer & Save the Recovered Files

Once you’ve found your deleted photos, you can preview them before you transfer them over. If you want to save all your images at one time, then use the save all files function at bottom of the software interface.

By using iTop data recovery software, you can effortlessly recover any photo, audio, or video files from your PC within a few minutes.