What is the Guideline of a Biotec Facial Treatment?

Facials are an important way to look younger and healthier. Good health brings beauty and thus a beautiful you are created. What is Meant by a Biotec facial? The Biotec facial treatments use a unique cocktail of concentrated serums and a new 5-in-1 facial machine. This machine offers a combination of ultrasonic, microcurrent, oxygen therapy,Continue reading “What is the Guideline of a Biotec Facial Treatment?”

Summertime skin rashes in children and tips to deal with it

Summer is the time for children to collect memories at the same time it’s the season for the outbreak of bacterial and viral infections and diseases. During the cold winter days, kids spend their day indoors to protect themselves from the harsh cold weather. But, during summer season kids spend their entire days outdoors, especiallyContinue reading “Summertime skin rashes in children and tips to deal with it”

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